Areas and Populations Compared



The USA has an area of 3.797 million square miles

Great Britain has an area of 94,058 square miles and the UK (include Northern Island) has an area of 93,627.8 square miles

Including Northern Ireland or not hardly budges the numbers, and the USA has 40 times the area of Great Britain / United Kingdom.

Texas alone has an area of 268,600 square miles, or three times that of the UK. And California has an area of 163, 700 square miles, which is going on for twice that of the UK.


The USA has a population of 328.2 million while the UK has a population of 66.65 million.

Comparing the population densities of the the two nations, the USA has 86 people per square mile, while the UK has 712 people per square mile. So the UK has eight times as many people per square mile compared to the USA.

All of which shows the limited of making comparisons between the two countries.


Israel has an are of 8,019 square miles, so it would fit into the UK 11.68 times and it would fit into the USA 483.5 times.

Israel has a population of 8.884 million, so its population density is 1,108 people per square mile, or nearly thirteen times the population density of the UK.