Can We Scale Up Death?


In an interview with Fox News, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel asked the interviewer to imagine the events of October 7 scaled up according to the populations of Israel and the United States.

Put that way, then comparing October 7 to America’s September 11, it was as thought there were twenty-nine September 11s happening in one day.

Scaled up it would be equivalent to 50,000 Americans being slaughtered —burned, maimed, raped, beheaded —and an additional 10,000 Americans, including mothers and children, taken hostage.

By comparison, the ratio of civilian to terrorist casualties in Gaza at the date of the interview was one to one, demonstrating that Israel was working hard to avoid harm to civilians.


I can see how making this equivalence of twenty-nine September 11s could create an impression in the understanding of a person from the USA or any other country. And yet, one is one, two is two, ten is ten – and somehow equivalences don’t translate. In anyone;s mind, a bigger number is a bigger number.

Still, no harm in trying to tell people how hard October 7 feels to those who care for those who were killed and who care for those who were taken hostage.

Where are we – Day 128.