Coal Crisis


In October last year, Bloomberg reported the China had loosened the restrictions on imports to tackle its power crisis and that Indonesia supplies about two-thirds of China’s total imports and is China’s biggest overseas supplier, supplying 17 million tons of coal in August, and 21 million tons in September.

And now as the new year of 2022 comes in, Reuters reported that Indonesia, whose biggest customers for its coal are China, India, Japan and South Korea, has banned coal exports until it has evaluated whether it has enough for its own needs.

Indonesia has a population of over 275 million, so its own needs are not insignificant. The USA has a population of 332 million, to give you a comparison.

And compare that to The Russian Federation that has a population of 146 million.

The Photo At The Top Of This Article

It’s the stairs leading up to the seating at the bullring at Ronda in Spain, a venue that is no longer used for bullfights. I happened to have processed the photo a day or two ago and it is sitting on my desktop. It has no relevance to this article other than that the sky is blue and not covered in the grit and grime from burning coal.