Coronavirus Shakeup


Interesting snippet in Bloomberg, which reported on 8th April that

Japan has earmarked $2.2 billion of its record economic stimulus package to help its manufacturers shift production out of China as the coronavirus disrupts supply chains between the major trading partners.

The extra budget, compiled to try to offset the devastating effects of the pandemic, includes 220 billion yen ($2 billion) for companies shifting production back to Japan and 23.5 billion yen for those seeking to move production to other countries, according to details of the plan posted online.

In the early days of his presidency, Trump said something along the same lines about encouraging US companies to relocate back to the US.

What will the demographics be like after the Coronavirus pandemic? How much of a wealth shakeup will there be? Will the pull to the centre dampen down any more fundamental shakeup of the way things are done? Will China suffer if companies pull out? Will other companies go in to fill the gap, and can they?