First Get Your Code


Source News sends out an email daily about matters of interest in Scotland. It describes itself thus:

Source is an online journalism platform dedicated to delivering what our readers need and deserve: unique, vital news and analysis for Scotland and beyond.

One of the items in the email it sent out today mentions a report in the Times:

Supermarkets have said they are unable to give online shopping slots to thousands of vulnerable Scots because Scottish Government Ministers are yet to provide them with the data. Sainsbury, Asda and Tesco have confirmed they are waiting to hear from the Scottish Government about who needs home deliveries. (The Times)

That mirrors our experience. Tamara is on the list of vulnerable people that Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer, described a couple of weeks ago. He said that a letter would be coming to those people “in the coming days”.

The coming days have not come yet.

My wife spoke to the surgery. They confirmed they have put her on the list and submitted it. They said they had been asked to revisit the list to add or amend. They did that and submitted it. The practice manager gave my wife the code that identifies her as vulnerable. The code has to come in the letter from NHS England or the Government. It has not come yet.

I spoke to Customer Services at Waitrose. They are having to tell customers that they cannot release slots for vulnerable people until Government gives them the codes.

The Net Result

The net result is that vulnerable people are having to visit supermarkets and put themselves at risk. Is that an unintended consequence of a plan poorly thought out?