How Much Protein Is There In


These are all from the British Heart Foundation article about how to get protein without the meat. The article decribes the amount of protein in a serving, so I converted the amounts to the protein in 100g of the food

Baked beans 5g
Chickpeas 7g
Lentils 8g
Tofu 8g
Quinoa 5g
Peanuts 25g
Walnuts 13g
Hazelnuts 13g
Sunflower 19g
Pumpkin 22g
Wholegrain rice 4g
Oats 10g
Quorn 11g
Cheddar cheese 29g
Egg 12g
Fish 19g

The section that caught my eye is where it describes Quinoa, and says it is the seed of a green vegetable related to chard and spinach and that unlike cereals is has all the essential amino acids found in animal protein.

So what does that mean for a person who does not eat quinoa? Where do they get those essential amino acides that are not found in cereals?