Korea Birth Rate


Published in 9th March 2024 issue of The Week is this article on the population plunge in South Korea:

South Korea’s birth rate – already the world’s lowest – fell further last year, raising fears about “national extinction” The average number of children a South Korean woman has during her lifetime fell to 0.72, down from 0.78 in 2022, and far below the 2.1 needed to maintain a population without immigration. At this rate, South Korea’s population of 51 million is projected to halve by 2100. Experts cite many reasons for the trend, including soaring housing and living costs.

The birth rate in Japan is 1.3, and the cost of living and bleak outlook for the future are given as the reasons it is so low.

In the UK the birth rate is 1.56.

In Israel it is 3.0 and two factors that encourage Israel’s high fertility are one, the cultural aspect, which is anchored in the historical experience of the Jewish people, and two, particular policies that make it easier for Israeli women to balance work and family (such as leave for sick children, reduced working hours following child birth.