Lost City On The Amazon Found


As reported in various newspapers and in the magazine Science,

A complex of pre-Hispanic urban centres has been found in the Upano Valley of Amazonian Ecuador, in the eastern foothills of the Andes.

Using light detection and ranging (LIDAR) tools that can see below ground from above, teams scanned an area of 600 square kilometres  stretching from the Upper Upano to the Pastaza River.

The clue that there might be something there came from some earthworks, visible above ground and known about for many years. But the extent of what they found using LIDAR, was unexpected.

They found monumental platforms, plazas, and streets following a specific pattern intertwined with extensive agricultural drainage and terraces as well as wide straight roads running tens of kilometers. They estimate that 30,000 people lived there.

Archaeologists date the occupation of the site from around 500 BCE to between 300 and 600 CE.

And the question is – why did it come to an end. It was not the Spanish invasion because that did not happen for another nine hundred years. So what was it?