MarsEdit 5 Has Arrived


When did I first start using MarsEdit to write blogs, and why did I even do it rather than post directly on the blog? As I recall, someone I knew from the Web recommended it and I thought is was a good idea because it meant I wouldn’t have to find the blog and start writing. Instead, I could just open the app and start writing. And then WordPress moved to Javascript and blocks, and then the degree of agreement in the way posts are written and how they appear when sent to the blog broke down.

So now Red Sweater Software, which is just one person – Daniel Jalkut – has brought out a new version of MarsEdit and I am using it to write this post.

You can read more about it here on his site under the titiel MarsEdit 5: Microposting, Markdown Highlighting, and More!

I am using Mardown to format this post, and I can see the syntax highlighting on the link I just wrote, but I haven;’t figured out what microposting is, yet.

So – as a careful reader might intuit, I am writing this as much as anything to test out MarsEdit 5, because i stopped using MarsEdit when WordPress went Block.

OK, time to hit the go button.


When I look at the post in the blog, I see it is writtin in the Classic Editor. If I change it on the blog, what will it do to the format recognition at this end?

Further investigation needed.

Enabling Markdown

One more small gotcha is that in order for the blog to change Markdown to HTML formatting, the blog needs to be intstructed to recognise Markdown. That’s done in the WP Admin interface.

To view the WP Admin interface,

Go to Settings → Writing.
Check the checkbox next to “Use Markdown for posts and pages.”
Click Save Changes to activate Markdown on the site.