In The Apple Tree

Memories are made of these

  • Backish To The Future

    Do you remember the end of the film Back To The Future where the professor comes to Marty McFly’s house in the DeLorean? Only now, the car can fly, and it no longer needs atomic material to power it. While he’s waiting for Marty, the professor roots around in the garbage cans for fuel to… Continue reading

  • The prompt is: How do you show love?

    How do you show love? By thinking of the other person. By judging everything they do and say favourably. By supporting them in everything they endeavour to accomplish. And all of this after one has decided that this is a person one can trust – and then never looking at that decision again. Ah yes,… Continue reading

  • Define Success, Baby

    Nothing happens in a vacuum. Even if one were a castaway, all alone on a desert island, one would still have in mind the approval of people back in the civilisation. Imagine the castaway is fishing. Success would be measured in terms of proficiency, skill, manual dexterity, as seen through the eyes of people back… Continue reading

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An elephant run wild, drunk on rum, calls for a female without hope of being understood. What to do? It is not 1947 now.