Punting On The River Cam


This is on the River Cam near Bridge Street in Cambridge – near where the punts are moored up and the people sit and drink and talk and look at the scene. The person with the pole is not an employed punter – employed by the punting companies. How do I know that – I don’t know; he looks too young and not agile and muscular enough (no offence) – and the clothing. Just something says he is part of the party that are in the punt.

For anyone who happens along, the trick of punting is to drop the pole vertically right by the side of the punt where the person is standing, and push out behind as the punt moves. Drop the pole directly behind or too far out, and the chances are that the punt will start to describe the beginning of a circle. Apart from that the other thing to watch is yourself, because the pole is wet and you will get wet.