This Is $12.00


Sometime between January and April of this year, Tap increased its prices from $5.00/month to $12.00/month. It was cheap before, and I didn’t think the service could continue at that price. How can you make money at that level? Still, a jump to $12.00, that’s a big jump. In percentage terms it’s a 240% jump. In yearly payments it’s a jump from $60.00 to $144.00

What about those people who already had paid plans? Did they get a break when the price went up?

Why didn’t I jump in earlier? For all the reasons I have just talked about. I just didn’t think that the business model was proven, and the last thing I want to do was set up something on a host that would disappear.

I like ThisIsTap: I like them a lot. I just needed to be convinced about the longevity of the business model – and with the price rise, I still need to be convinced. When does $12.00 rise to $20.00? And for $20.00 I can…