Why Do You Write


Why do you write?

Yes, why? A quote (can’t recall from whom) came to mind about why do I photograph? It went something along the lines of ‘to see what the photograph looks like’. There’s something of that in writing – that when the writing is on the page it tells me something that is different that just replaying the subject in my head.

The act of writing reveals the writer – I think that is a quote from an author. And it must be true and it rings true with me. And that’s another side of writing – like stand-up comedy – there is no faking it. As someone pointed out. you can pretend to be serious or sad or happy – but you can’t pretend to be funny.

Funny is a communication that depends on both parties – so once you have written something, you have declared yourself. sure, you have said what you like and don’t like. But you have also said what you are like – you, in yourself. And that’s risky – like stand-up comedy. So it is exhilarating and that’s worth the price of admission.