Why Would You Want To Do This


SOURCE: The Sunday Telegraph, as reported in The Week magazine of 14 March 2020

Animal-based fertilisers such as bone meal and chicken pellet manure can attract foxes. Try dried seaweed instead.

Water is a scarce resource for foxes, so avoid leaving out containers that collect it.

Ripening fruit that has gone soft is the equivalent of sweets for foxes, SO remove it from trees and bushes.

Make sure bird feeders are out of reach by suspending them from trees.

Try leaving out some leftovers spiked with hot chilli sauce. Capsaicin (chill extract) is a natural fox repellent.

Protect pots and borders from being dug through by growing groundcover plants.

Foxes can excavate border access points and turn them into a den, so close fence gaps and fix the places they dig promptly.

To trap a fox humanely, use a heavy duty, spring-loaded cage that catches but doesn’t Kill it. Place a tarp over it and bait with an open tin of Sardines. Then release the fox into the wild.

My take: Leave the poor bloody foxes alone.